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Monday, December 29, 2008

bonus post with pictures: minus fifty and not feeling so hot about it

god, i'm like, blogger disabled. seriously. people post pictures ALL THE TIME, and it's been a damn HOUR of me trying to post this shit. and you know what? i look like ASS. seriously. i was all round and sexy then and now? apparently i'm sorta droopy. also? grabbing my own ass. fifty pounds down, ladies and gentlemen, and what to i have to show for it?? smaller boobs. honestly, YES, it felt good to not be an extra large anymore. YES, it felt good to by some jeans in a regular retail store (for less than fifty bucks, too!). but, umm, hi? could we talk about making a permanent move to 16s? or perhaps going down a band size instead of JUST cup sizes? really, body, i mean, REALLY? two years and fifty pounds and all you have to show for it is loose rings, loose bra cups and some damn mathteacher arms?? fuck, man. that's not right.
so. to recap:
end 2006. 236 pounds. sizes extra large, 20w, 8 (feet & fingers), a very full 38c.
end 2007. 210ish pounds. sizes large, 18w, 8 (feet & fingers), 38c.
end 2008. 186.4 pounds. sizes large, 18/16 (16w?), 8 (feet), 7.5 (fingers), 38b+.
plan for 2009? eh. 140 pounds? sizes medium, 8/10, 7.5 (feet & fingers), 38a-?
oh, yes, i'm feeling verrrrrry optimistic right now.