count down to goal

Sunday, October 03, 2010


hey. um, i'm not dead. wazzup?

i'm pushing 150 today after a week of pumpkin spice lattes and eating whenever the opportunity presents itself. and beer. oh, my god, the beer. i think i drank about 25 beers this week. and two shots.

on-campus orientation for BNGS was amazing. i made lifelong friends and lifelong frenemies. and got really upset when nasty comments about the fat girl (who, unrelated, was UNGODLY annoying) were whispered to me. because they saw me as... normal. they never knew me fat. one girl-- my new bff-- offered to lend me clothes to wear to the theater (a top, as our walk to her place was warmer than expected and i'd planned only to swap my jeans for a skirt). she wears an 8. insane.

so, now i have my work cut out for me. i need to relose this five and lose at least 10 more. oh, AND, i need to get my masters degree. so. yeah. i guess it's a little late to point this out, but i may not be around much.