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Sunday, September 19, 2010

the mouths of babes

once-best friend's five year old yesterday: "becklette used to be really big with lots of curly hair; she's worked out when i saw her."

i took my hair down and showed her it was still there. had she been my kid, we would have used that statement for a conversation about how bodies are different, big and little, tall and short, fat and thing, two legs, one leg, no legs... but she's not. so we just sat there. feeling uncomfortable.

it actually has probably been about a year since i saw her-- i lived, briefly, with her parents in the months before her birth and always thought of her as my niece-- which is sad and must have made the changes in me jarring to her. but on the other hand... how does a kindergartner know that working out makes you not fat? because, frankly, that's not always true. it makes you stronger and healthier but, really, truly, doesn't always make you thinner.

again: not my kid.

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Anonymous said...

I always try to pick and choose my words so carefully around Sadie. I dont ever want her to equate thinness with healthy. Crack whores are hella thin, right?