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Thursday, March 24, 2011

day four

ww is great. if you read here, you know i weigh myself daily but only "weigh in" on mondays and only record once a month. but i'm down 3 pounds already in the first blush of a new diet, as it goes. i'm eating much more than i had been. and of course making better choices.

my piggy is doing better, taking a lot of food (via syringe behind her teeth) and brightening up for her favorite people. she's been sick for well over a week now and her continued life is a good indicator that she's actually improving, even if it's hard to tell.

other than that... i'm tired. i'm tired of the community theater. i'm tired of school. i'm tired of work. i'm tired of housework.

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Anonymous said...

cant wait to see how ww works for you!