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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

product review: trop50 by tropicana

having quit smoking, started exercising regularly, started taking a vitamin and cut a lot of chemicals out of my life over the past six months i managed to survive the winter without one cold. then yesterday? after a weekend in the 70s? and then a drop back to the forties? i had no voice. today is worse.

since i happened to see an ad for this trop50 business over the weekend, i hit my local wawa this morning for a 12-ounce of that and a 20-ounce vitamin water "10" (which has 10 calories per serving). (i haven't tasted that yet.)

so... the main event.

pros: tastes mostly like oj. 80 calories in a 12-ounce bottle. 19% of potassium, 50% of calcium, 150% of vitamin c and a whole slew of other vitamins.

cons: creepy super-sweet after taste. "orange juice beverage with vitamins." pulp free (= FAIL). 42% juice (= MAJOR FAIL).

basically, if i were an oj drinker-- one who needed oj to feel fulfilled by her breakfast experience, i might try to make the switch. but... i only drink it when i'm sick. so, whatever. i'll drink this when i'm losing -- seriously, did you think i was gonna go wasting 170 calories on a BEVERAGE, sick or not?-- and regular old, pulpy oj when i'm not.

later, maybe i'll blog the vw10 (haha. it looks like it's a volkswagen.) and the plain old lipton's decaf & water... all of which i have huddled around me.

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