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Friday, April 17, 2009

post-lent, summer vacation & a plateau

1. "lenten" 15-day challenge? i completed 13 out of 15 90-minute workouts. go me?

2. we're going to florida in 6 weeks. have i mentioned what a wimp i am about HEAT?

3. i still weigh ~180 pounds, no matter what i do. just about what i weighed four years ago (wow.) when i met my husband. on the bright side, that SHOULD mean all those clothes fit again.

i know my body is fond of 180, but I'M fonder of 160. or 140. and let's face it, i secretly want to be 125. i know this is kinda a little set-point on my journey, but, DUDE. i really don't want to go to florida 180 pounds.

sooooo... 1250 calories a day. at least 7 hours of sweating per week. hope.

i've got a workout-a-day plan set up for another 15 days, starting tomorrow, and it incorporates a little non-c25k 6-week to running plan (from women's health magazine) (or, the first 1/3 of it, actually). so by the time i touch down in florida, i'll be running (NOT THAT I WILL EVEN CONSIDER RUNNING IN FLORIDA IN JUNE) and knocking out 50 sit-ups and 25 push-ups.

i'd like to think that 6 weeks could spell a drop into the 160s (and truth be told, if i actually broke my plateau, it could probably spell a drop to 160), but i think my best odds are around 174-175. not that i won't still TRY for 168. frankly, i think i'll be pretty pleased to wear my size 14 jeans and maybe even a bathing suit.

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