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Monday, January 10, 2011

four years

yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of... whatever. of me trying to lose this weight. at the time, i really expected it to take 1-1.5 years. you know, steadily losing 1.5-2 pounds a week. can we just get the maniacal laughter over with now? BWAH-hahahahah-hahaha!

my weight loss has been anything but STEADY.

but that's okay. big picture? in four years i've lost 80ish pounds. that means year five is the year of -100. of goal. of goodbye "normal" and hello "fit." (oh, yes there is a difference.)

and i've decided to kick it up a notch. i'll be 27 in 8 weeks. wellllllll, 7w, 6d. (barf.)

and i'll be 135 pounds.

officially, that's 19.4 pounds to lose, but it's really lower than that... i just haven't eaten a meal prepared at home in like two weeks. i can feel the sodium in my fingers. ANYWAY. i expect it's realistically about 16 pounds. so, just right. if i push hard.

  • i went to the gym at BNGS yesterday. will be doing that once or twice a week. after four months, can i just say "OW"? i'm going to work up to 60 minutes on the arc trainer thingy. we did 10.
  • i'm hitting up tj's for some protein, healthy quick foods and fruit tonight.
  • i'm signing up for spinning with HM again, and planning to be back in shape by the time it starts in six weeks.
  • i'm hoarding the $250 in loft gift cards i received for christmas so that i can buy a whole new wardrobe in march (i will probably request all clothing gift cards for my birthday as well because... duh. except i'd really like a bosu ball.)
  • count protein and calories.
  • limit eating out!
  • workout 3-4 times a week.
  • water, water, water.
  • BLOG
okay, that's nothing special, i know. but i've got my BNGS friend to work out with. i've got another friend to diet with. and i've got a husband to do both with. he's shooting for -20 (i guess that's reasonable at his size) so we'll both be at goal. no sabotage here!

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