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Saturday, January 01, 2011

january 1, 2011: 152.8

that sorta stings.

remember september? remember 145? remember "normal" as in "not overweight"?

me, too.

next week i'll have been on this JOURNEY (gag) for four years. four. years. and eighty-three pounds. damn. on both counts. it's taken for. ev. er. but holy hell, i've accomplished a lot.

so, i'm about eight pounds up from my low and 23 pounds from my goal.

but i'm still down 84 pounds. eighty. four. what's that, like, a seventh grader? not ME in seventh grade, i assure you, but other people, right?

i know you want a resolution, not of the "it's over, look at my hot size-six, no issues ass!" ilk, but of the "in 2011, i will lose the last 23 pounds" garden-variety new yearsy type. you've come to the right place, baby. because it 2011, i WILL lose the last 23 pounds. i will. i will. i will.

here's what i DID accomplish in 2010:
  • i started grad school and finish my first term with a 4.0
  • i lost, i think, like 20 pounds
  • i graduated from therapy
  • i got through last night with *one* minor freak-out
  • we moved to a kick-ass new apartment
  • i helped the love of my life get back in shape (my husband now weighs my start weight: 236 pounds. he's six foot. i'm five three.)
here's what's on deck for 2011:
  • losing the last 23
  • banging out 10 of my remaining 13 courses
  • bringing my local community theater back to life
  • staying sane
i'll be back here, i think. i need to get back in shape. hardcore. this helps me, even if there's nobody reading.

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tri like mary said...

I'm reading! Welcome back. I've missed your posts. Can't remember how I first stumbled on your blog but I relate to your sense of humor. You've done an awesome job and I know you will reach goal!