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Monday, February 28, 2011

i suck at weekends

TWICE this weekend i drank stupidly-- switching between drinks, drinking while food is available to me, not drinking water or seltzer in between-- and NATURALLY i gained about three pounds.

after i spent two hours trying on clothes and having nothing at all fit me right (items that fit across my thighs need to be taken in a solid 3 inches in the waist) on saturday, too.

and i just got invited to a grade school (k-8th catholic school) reunion in less than 3 weeks. it would be super nice to, oh, i dunno, not still be the fattest one. that would be nice.

so, okay, TODAY it's 154.8. i expect it to drop considerably tomorrow. and i'll start jogging. and spinning's wednesday.

this is just not going well.

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Sustanon said...

Keep it up, you-re on the right track.