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Monday, February 21, 2011

okay, okay!

i didn't blog last week because... i was up. up like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up. in the 157.something. not a nice place.

this week, i'm at 152.8. my 2011 weight barrier. yippeeeeeeeee! and this week? i'm crashing through that mthrfkr. oh. yes. i. am.

i've been training with my brother-trainer at his new gym again. new gym has a different philosophy-- heavy weights, isolation and few reps. and in a couple weeks i'm back to spinning. and. for my birthday, i'm getting myself a 5k on memorial day. so i have to be training asapsies. plus, i still go to the gym with K once a week (ish). and as soon as it warms up for real, B and i will start walking again!

but, i find, i can work out like a pro athlete (okay, possibly an exaggeration) and still not lose weight unless i'm SO CAREFUL about my food. so. i'm just going to be that careful. going well so far...

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