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Friday, April 29, 2011

there isn't an emoticon for this

i'm a bridesmaid in a november 2011 wedding. i have ADORED them both for almost 5 years and am ungodly happy for them. i don't think we'll be friends after the wedding AND i think she's already pulling away. the brideslave stuff is giving me panic attacks on the reg.

i work out-- well and hard-- 4x a week. i follow weight watchers p+ and don't even cheat. i cannot seem to lose weight. i'm still up ~10 pounds from my september low. most of my clothes either don't fit or look assy. i have 11 (or more) fancy events coming up. many of which involve many people i'm not comfortable around.

every ultrasound photo fb profile pic makes me want to scream. so. THERE'S THAT. (18 months and counting. OH THE COUNTING!)

i'm not doing very well in school and it terrifies me. what if i can't get a job??

i hate my job. but it's so comfortable. besides, i'll be our sole wage-earner in the fall. it's not a good time to switch.

i think i'm 154.8 today? but i ran a mile and a half in a row last night. a record for me.

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Miss S. said...

Way to go on your PR!

Okay-sounds like you are having a really bad day. We all have them. I am sure you look fantastic, I am positive you will lose the weight and these next 18 months will fly by in a blink.

If that does help, go PR your new PR!