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Monday, May 02, 2011


in one month it will be summer. welllll... sort of. memorial day, not the solstice. but i count june as summer, full stop. every year for the past fifteen or so (maybe more like 18?) i've promised myself i would be thin "by next summer." yeah, i'm not thin. maybe i never will be. but i'm going to feel good THIS summer.

to that end:
  • i will prepare my own breakfasts AND lunches all 17 workdays this month (i work full-time hours in 4 days a week)
  • i will workout at least 4x a week this month
  • i will sign up for and complete my first 5k race this month
  • i will sign up for my second 5k race (july 14) this month, and set a time goal and speed-work schedule
  • i will schedule my annual massage for early next month
  • i will track my points+ and activity all month, every day, even special events
my weight is not doing what i want it to do. my body, while stronger and healthier every day, is not nice looking. i have to relax and let go. i feel like time is running short for this, since i want to maintain my weight for a full year before getting pregnant and be fit enough to keep up serious exercise during pregnancy. but i have 13 months of BNGS left and i need to focus on that.

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Miss S. said...

That my firend is a kick ass plan. You got this-I see a fit and healthy summer in your future.