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Friday, August 12, 2011

not a pretty girl

okay. so. i am having some... issues. i'm back to about 151, so where i started the 17dd. difference i've noticed? my stomach is flatter when i'm on a super strict diet. everything else is the same. people? i have a small waist to begin with! i'm obviously having some motivation issues, having not run all month and skipped my last 5k last night.

my diet and exercise is not in control and thus, my life feels like everything is all over the place.

lately, i'm also feeling really weird about this body. it is nice, attractive (as long as i work my clothing magic and hide what needs hiding) and gets a lot of attention. NO THANK YOU. really, i hate my body being discussed. my body is not public property.

anyway. i don't know where i'm going or if i'm going to end up back here.


Trula said...

I hear you. I hate my body being publicly discussed also. Doesn't help that I am a pear shaped, jiggly woman! with a shape that attracts a lot of attention. I hide my body by dressing in long, loose clothing. That helps.

Anonymous said...

come back to the dark side my friend.