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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bonus post! before picture

this is me (all headless and shit) on my wedding day, almost two years ago. i was 236 pounds. i did pretty well with keeping my flowers in front of my over-navel tummy-- what the fuck is up with THAT, by the way? it arrived around 225 pounds, and has apparently decided to stick around because it's STILL THERE at 210. not cool.-- and regret that i wore my pretty, comfortable j. crew ($250!) dress because it was not corset-compatible. also, in dancing pictures, you can totally see my lumpy ass & thighs. boo.
so, here i sit, twenty-six pounds lighter, one size smaller, and unable to find a reasonably useful photo from, oh, since my wedding. nice, becklette, really nice. note to self: buy a camera with your next bonus. for real. you need it.
it occurs to me that h might have some on his phone, but i think i've been pretty clear about only keeping pictures of me from the waist up, so he'd better not.
and if you were wondering, the shrug (SIZE MEDIUM?? i waited until it was on sale and they only had mediums & smalls left and dear god almighty, i had to have it to cover my fat arms!!) is a dark coral cashmere from ann taylor, the sash matches (also from ann taylor), as do the shoes, and the flowers are peach & coral gerbera daisies but i swear to you, i was VERY clear about my displeasure over the unapproved addition of PEACH to my wedding.
so, anyway, someday i'll post a progress pic. how about that?


Ellen said...

Gorgeous dress!!! i know we all find our own flaws when we look at our own pics, but just so you know, from an outsider, I think you look beautiful in it. of course, since it is a headless shot you could have some crazy alien hairstyle and clown make-up and I'd never know ;)


I love love love your dress and the fact you wore cashmere shrug because I think -- someday -- I'll probably do the same thing. Even headless you look adorable. But get a progress pic already -- you'll feel better when you see the photographic evidence that you're SMALLER.

becklette said...

you guys are sweet!

i promise i did NOT have a crazy alien hair and clown make-up. it was all very tasteful. except the part where my (fairly small) boobs were pretty much trying to escape from my 4-sizes-too-small dress... that was less tasteful.

and, seriously, my outfit and the getting married bit were the ONLY things i liked about the whole insane wedding thing. cause how awesome is my outfit??

Anonymous said...

I actually love the picture and I think you look smoking in it. I think curves are so beautiful and you have/had them in all the right places. Sometimes we're our own worst enemies!