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Friday, March 20, 2009

back on track. literally.

eating hasn't been spectacular lately. as for exercise... after about a week and a half of forgetting, skipping and not being able to,we got back to our floor exercises and i'm up to 15 mediocre push-ups and 27 excellent sit-ups. i'm really going to start attacking my abs, i think, since i know they can take it. ALSO, i actually WENT TO THE TRACK last night. it was a bit cold, but by my estimation, i walked1 mile (3/8th each way & 1/4 around the track) and jogged 1/4 mile (around the track). i thought i was going to die, and i felt like crap-- so bad i couldn't manage a shower for about three hours after i got home, but, goddamnit, i am BACK, BABY! i've scheduled out my increases and promised myself that when two wogs in a row involve a straight 1/2 mile of jogging, i'll go in for a deep tissue massage and a haircut.

i miss you guys, but my real life life feels easier. like... well, almost like i'm not expending energy


Allison said...

So are you doing like old-school, arms crossed sit-ups, or more like crunches? I tried to use one of those roller crunch things on the floor at the gym, but it killed my neck. Now I'm doing more of a cross between old-school sit-up and crunch, but just wondering what's working for you.
That's awesome about the jogging! I hope to get there eventually!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you didn't delete. Up until I outed us as an infertile couple I never talked about anything but my weight loss on my blog. Maybe a bit here and piece there but it all tied into my weight loss efforts. You can do that too! Don't go away. I *puffy pink heart* you.