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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

inspired by lentils

inspired by fat bridesmaid and her lentils, i've embarked on a little daily-workout vow. 90 minutes of cardio daily until holy saturday. i started on saturday and have completed 26% (ahem4workoutscoughcough) already! that means i've walked (or wogged) 16.25 miles in the past 4 days! i'll be at a marathon by the end of the week.

why, you ask, should i jump on the lenten boat with only 15 days to go?? ummm, because i weighed 183.0 on friday. YIKES. that means i'd gained about 9 pounds in two weeks EVEN THOUGH i was working out regularly.

but i've closed march on a highish note. i worked my way up to FIFTEEN push-ups and THIRTY sit-ups, which is pretty unbelievable. i can also jog just over a quarter mile straight (about 5 minutes, i think). i won't weigh in for keeps until monday (that's my system now, first monday of the month) but despite an off-day yesterday that prevented us from having our planned dinner --pizza & fries instead (yup, we suck)-- i'm down to 180.4 today, which is better.

and my calories, i count them. i don't really constrain them to a particular number, but i count. key for me is fiber & water, which i get in my delicious banana-oat muffins* and my veggie soup & small baked potato lunch.

so. that's the news. i'll update the weight stats on monday (yup, i'm holding on to hope that i won't have to bump the ticker back up to the 180s-- don't judge).


1 box tj's banana bread mix
1 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/2 cup egg whites (or two xl eggs)
1 cup oats

bake in lined muffin tin at 325 degrees for 30 minutes
makes 12 muffins at about 175 calories each


fatbridesmaid said...

Yay! It's never too late to be a Lentil!

Ellen said...

You are SO right about time for a mini-detox!! Tonight I am doing the grocery shopping and am going to prep like a mad woman so that I can do just that! I think these next couple of days will involve barbequeing veggies and meats and eating like it is summer :)