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Monday, May 04, 2009

april showers bring... may showers?

well, lookie, lookie! it's a ticker that says 60-something pounds lost! thank goodness i made it (by the skin of my teeth) back down here for weigh-in. granted, yesterday i was 173.8, but that's just how it's been lately.

as you can see, non-scale fitness goals remain the same for may as they were for april because of the sickness, the rain and the oh, hey, i actually DO have asthma-- it's not just being fat and smoking (cause, hi, i lost 60 pounds, quite smoking and got in good enough shape to walk 5 miles without having to elevate my feet for the next two days)-- so i have to go to the doctor next week. my doctor is sort of superficial. professionally speaking. she is an adolescent weight loss specialist who offers laser hair & scar removal in her office. she's a southeast asian woman with dyed blond hair and green contact lenses. she can't seem to stop suggesting that i check out weight watchers. she should be really pleased with me, doncha think? i adore external validation...

okay, um, anyway. i didn't go on my 2-hour walk yesterday because i had the strangest blister from saturday's-- it was right behind the ball of my foot and i SWEAR i could hear the fluid squelching around each step i took by the end of my 5 miles at the track. so. gross. but the blister didn't become visible until way later and i thought i was going crazy. any thoughts on how to avoid this oddly place blister? also, i haven't gotten back in the strength-training swing and i HAVE TO do that tonight. 24 days to florida.

so... i'd like to be down to 165 in 3.5 weeks, obviously, but that's unlikely. after that, i want 155 by 4th of july; 145 by labor day; 135 by halloween.

(i shouldn't even jinx myself like that.)

it looks so simple laid out like that, doesn't it? but i know it's not. and there's no reason the next 40 pounds should go EASY. i just... sigh. i'm ready for this struggle to be OVER. or, at least, in maintenance.

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TJ said...

great job! congrats on hitting 60+! :)