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Thursday, May 14, 2009


my boss is an old friend (and business partner) of my dad's. he must weigh 450 pounds. i had NO IDEA how to react when he commented on my weight this morning. it went like this:

bossman: "you're looking well."
becklette: "..."
bossman: "like you've lost quite a bit of weight."
becklette: "... um?"
bossman: "haven't you?"
becklette: "i guess."
bossman: "you guess?"
becklette: "yes, i have."
bossman: "you're looking well."
becklette: "thank you."
bossman: "how do you feel?"
becklette: "um...? good."

SO uncomfortable. SO. SO. SO.

in totally unrelated news... i walked to the grocery store last night, bought 2 of those little bottles of lemon juice, 2 packs of 3-cup disposable plastic containers and a liter of seltzer and then i walked home. 3 miles round-trip. no longer than my usual walks on the track, but harder, with hills and balancing and carrying things.

this means i (WE?) could conceivably WALK to starbucks on a weekend morning for a light frapp. hoo-ray!


Allison said...

I've been there with the awkwardness. When I started losing weight when I was at the newspaper, the only person who regularly noticed and comment was the fattest person in the newsroom.
I think fat people just tend to notice other fat people, so when you become less fat, or in your case, skinny :), they tend to inquire about it more than regular-sized folks.

Allison said...

Yeah, okay, a man who has known you since you were born commenting on anything on your body is a bit creepy.
By the way, are you in Philadelphia? Or near there? J and I are taking vacation this summer, and we're debating between Philly and New Orleans.