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Thursday, April 22, 2010

good morning campers!

so. okay. where the fuck are we??

let's start with me, and then you can feel free to chime in. but you probably won't. 24 followers and many hits a day, but nobody says a damn thing. anyway. me.
  • tmi, but, oh, so true. i am bleeding slightly worse than a normal period. but... i don't have my period yet. as far as i know. i'm in a lot of pain, too. this sucks monkey balls.
  • tmi some more: i'm constipated because, um, moving, you know, THEM, puts painful pressure on the general region that's bleeding. yes, even if i take something to help.
  • that's the last tmi.
  • i haven't heard the all-clear from my doctor yet. today is a week. this means... it's still remotely possible that i have cancer.
  • my husband is on a (medically aided) (as in, with medicine) diet and has lost 14 pounds in 6 days. FOURTEEN. can everybody spell jealous? at this rate, which, i expect, will slow down, but STILL, if it doesn't, he will reach his goal weight in about 35 days. motherfucker.
  • him being on a diet means WE'RE not snacking at night, except for the 1/3 of a cup of ice cream we each have. you read that right: less than a serving. LESS.
  • which is awesome for me because i might actually be down to 160 by next weigh in.
  • oh, yeah, totally not gonna be 140 for The Wedding, new goal: 155.
  • that's 1.25 pounds a week.
  • doable. even if i can't workout as hard.
  • also means no way am i going to be 135 in july when i *hope* we'll be going on a fabulous, all-inclusive caribbean vacation. new goal: 145.
  • that's 1.5ish pounds a week.
  • doable, if i work out.
  • new timeline for 135 (or end, in any event): mid-september when we go to mil's for a last pre-grad school hurrah.
  • that's about another 1.25 pounds per week.
  • OKAY. and. i did my fafsa. (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)
  • that's about it.
what's new with you?

(ps-- of course i'm all kinds of anxious for no good reason today. that's always why i do bullet posts.)


Anonymous said...

excuse me but I say shit to you all the time. butthole.

Allison said...

(Sorry. I've sucked at commenting lately. I do read your posts, though!)

becklette said...

oh, dearies, it's not my actual bloggie FRIENDS i worry about... i'm just kinda starting to feel like a freak show. i know all these people are looking at me, but i don't know what they're thinking.