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Monday, April 19, 2010

w2, wo1... only three (four?) weeks later

i dragged my ass out to the track last night to do week 2, workout 1 of couch to 5k. i don't think i've ever gotten to week 2 before. so, ya know, yay. it was fine. it was easy enough (except all that math) and i got through it. maybe it wasn't the BEST plan given the surgery i had five days ago, but the bleeding had to start sometime, right? RIGHT??

(i'm kidding, of course. the bleeding WAS expected to start any moment. the cramping... well, that i would have preferred to be done with, but it's all inside the expected parameters.)

so. i guess i mentioned here that i'd been smoking? a lotish? i stopped. on friday. i also stopped letting diet soda be a regular part of my life. and i stopped using the "clinical strength" deodorant i'd been using. see a pattern?

dude. i've had two cancer scares in six months. i'm only 26. i'm trying to stop tearing down my body and treat it with a little love.

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