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Friday, July 09, 2010

my favorite things

look, we're friends, right? you love me, inasmuch as you can LOVE someone you don't know. or whatever. i have to tell you something:

i have been living, very comfortably, in about 2004.

my computer, my DESKTOP computer, is the one my parents bought me for college. when i went to college. eight years ago.

my phone? free with plan. it's a nokia candybar. no camera. no fancy ringtone. at least three years old.

and my camera, well, it took a shower. twice. that's my own stupid fault, but STILL.

and as of yesterday? i'm nearly caught up. the above shiny red camera was my favorite toy for about two hours... until my parents came over with "a little something [they] picked up in amish country" for me.

i wish i could stun you with a picture, but i can't find one.

here we go.


wait for it...

a goddamned laptop computer. top of the everything new new new. it's beautiful. for school. i could just die.

i swear i haven't forgotten about the picture, though.

153.6. birthday party tonight. and i'm considering not drinking...


RecoveringActor said...

i can't see the pictures :(

becklette said...

the only pic is of the camera. sorry! i WILL post a photo update this weekend.

Ten Pounds said...

Aw, fabulous. It's so exciting to have a new toy! You won't know yourself.

Anonymous said...

i dont see the pic!