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Friday, July 23, 2010

wherein i give myself a stern talking-to

okay. i do not know whatthefuck my problem is. where did exercising-- even just a pleasure stroll-- every day go?? where did fruits and veggies and lean proteins go?? when did i start eating REGULAR peanut butter and snacks before dinner and snack after dinner??

i'm maintaining. i maintained on vacation. this is a good thing. except i still WANT to be losing. 153.0? is not likely to come by monday. last night, after therapy, i ate a bag of peanut m&m's. the almost fit in my calories and did fit in my nutrients, but damn. i don't DO that.

tomorrow we have a wedding. we'll walk tonight and tomorrow i'll hit the track. tomorrow, i'm going to jog 1/2 a mile (separated). am.

we have no idea what will be served at this wedding-- it's an outdoor hippie wedding in a park, no rsvp required-- but i'm going to plan the rest of my food so that i don't NEED a lot of fiber or protein from that meal.

and i think i'll dance my pants off.

planning ahead helps me. sunday i will make lunches for the week. and a dinner plan. will.

i have to get back on track RIGHTNOW.

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