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Monday, June 22, 2009

my scale died

i'll buy a new one in about 2 weeks, but i'm taking this opportunity to make sure i'm not self-sabotaging every time i get near the 160s. (because it seems like i'm doing that, doesn't it??) i have my old analog scale, so i'll weigh in on wednesdays, but today i have no clue what i weigh, so it's wogging, cycling (once the bike gets assembled) and 1200 calories a day-- heavy on the protein!

so, i'll buy a new scale in july and post my weight on the first monday.


RecoveringActor said...

You just bought that scale! Clearly don't buy the same one again...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've beeen reading here for awhile and I'm kinda in the same boat. I hit 169.8 (was 225 in Sept). Well, since I hit the 169.8 I can't seem to get below it. Damm! Can you give me an idea of what your 1200 calories consist of? I tend to have most of my calories at dinner time and wondered if you did too. If you keep that up with the excerise, the weight will be falling off! Thanks for the inspiration!