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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what i eat

this is for anon, who asked what i eat in last post's comments...

ummmm, i eat food. that's good for you.

the end.

no, really, i ummm, i eat whatever. lately it's been skim milk & a faux-meat for breakfast, salad with light dressing for lunch, fruit for snack and dinner, sensible & measured. i'm not a dietitian, though, and you should go see one (i did)-- if you have insurance, it's probably free.

the most important things for me are protein & fiber. i try to make sure that everything i eat is a substantial source of one of those things because i don't have a great history with them. i also make sur to get a little fat every day for digestion. yes, really.

i do tend to eat most of my food at dinner, but i TRY not to. it's just that i'm not a morning person and it doesn't make sense for me to buy my lunches (financial or caloric), so i pack SUPER easy salads... i'm talking spring mix and dressing. i'm currently working on getting some protein in lunch. and i always try to get at least one veggie into dinner.

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