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Thursday, June 18, 2009

peas, love and happiness

i have NEVER liked peas. and that's odd, because i LOVE veggies. veggies that nobody likes, especially. i love brussels sprouts, asparagus and broccoli. i'm a pretty serious spinach fan. zucchini is my bestest friend int he whole wide world. but peas? the chinese place around the corner from my office used to know me as "without the peas" because i'd order my fried rice... well, without the peas. (now they think i'm a vegetarian because i started going there again and just getting a veggie egg roll and the lady asked if it was my diet and i said yes, thinking, like, wtf, lady, my diet is none of your business, and then i realized she's buddhist and probably a vegetarian... and huh. okay, so now i'm a vegetarian. there, anyway.)

my folks are on vacation this week so we were bequeathed their csa share and it included fresh peas in the pod. so, after putting up a small batch of marinara, two dinners worth of mashed potatoes (i make em from scratch and then freeze them in zippy bags for a fast, homemade side because i'm freaking martha stewart) and a rhubarb pie, i SHUCKED THEM. 3 pounds. and they just smelled so good i tasted one.

you know where this is headed, right? i'm madly in love with raw, local, organic peas.

i went to the track on monday and used the rain yesterday as an excuse to put off the next workout until today and of course, it's raining harder and is also cold. so... i rock that. i guess i'll go tonight. in the rain. and the cold. super. my weight is edging down toward a new this-time low and i think we can expect a small milestone sometime soon.

i'm sort of baffled by the nearness of "overweight." and i wonder how many years of my life i spent "overweight" and thinking i was a total whale. i'm also baffled by the unfairness of the who bmi thing. i mean... really? i only get 20 pounds to be "overweight"? is that because i'm so short??

i'm really trying to focus on my three BIG goals coming up: overweight (7 pounds!), "normal" (27 pounds!) and goal (37 pounds!). and i'm on track to make it to "normal" by november.

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