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Friday, June 05, 2009

treating my body well

in two days i dropped both pounds i gained in re-entry (going to work the day after getting in from vacation at 11pm and not having any food in the house = bad idea) AND about 4.5 of the pounds i "gained" on vacation.

so, i'm about where i've been and planning to REALLY kick my own butt. we've selected a stationary bike and i'll probably order it today. plus, i stepper'd (kinda half-heartedly) last night and am planned my day carefully around a damn jewelry party (pretty things i can't afford because we're buying a stationary bike + snacks at dinner time) and japanese with my folks so i don't dive back into the swamp i just crawled out of.

and i'm doing something i've never tried before-- i'm getting a massage, not as a reward, but as ENCOURAGEMENT. i'm in pain, i have the gift certificate, i should get it, right? i don't DESERVE the pain (m-i-l has a super-soft guest bed) and i shouldn't suffer because i didn't do anything worth rewarding-- unless you count five days with the in-laws. so i'm doing it. today. before the jewelry party.

edited to add: it's BOUGHT! we cashed in credit card rewards, so it only cost us $41 out of pocket. now, i'll bet you $41 that s-i-l decides to move to florida and can't take f-i-l's hand-me-down which we ALMOST were given a few months ago (until s-i-l changed her mind, naturally). 5-10 business days for delivery!

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