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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation

  • split cheese fries and a club wrap with cole slaw at beef 'o'brady's
  • light caramel frap
  • mother in law's chicken parm
  • passion fruit smirnoff ice (er, maybe two)
  • light caramel frap & split banana chocolate chip cake
  • burger & fries at gaspar's grotto in ybor city
  • 1905 side salad & chicken salteada at columbia in ybor city
  • romeo e julietta crepe (nutella, bananas and strawberries) at la creperia cafe in ybor city
  • passion fruit smirnoff ice
  • little cheeseburger (JUST one patty) and fries at five guys
  • four vodka & diet cream sodas, a hot dog and a piece of cookie cake at the birthday party of a six year old i don't know whose father used to play for the st. louis cardinals (eric... something?)
  • pasta and rocky road at 11pm
  • jimmy dean d-lite turkey sausage, egg white at cheese
  • gross nachos at the step-nephew-in-law's flag football game
  • light caramel frap & cinnimon twist
  • husband's FABULOUS homemade pizza, 2 beers & monkey bread
  • fried zucchini, house special greek pizza & baklava tiramisu at parthenon in tarpon springs
  • fried rice, spring rolls, beef & broccoli & general tso's chicken "homemade" (from bj's)
  • assorted snacks, chips, bruschetta and homemade iced coffees

i gained a pound a day. not kidding at all. it's as though my mother in law is trying to make up for every meal she's not made for my husband since she moved to florida two years ago. or maybe since the divorce 12 years ago. we ate, on average, 2.5 GIANT FEASTS every day. too bad, too, because last week i was thinking i could get rid of the 16s. HA!

and, of course, yesterday was the first monday of the month (ALREADY??) so i have to post the HIDEOUS number i saw this morning... 179.8! couldn't have cut it any closer...

it's been a year and a half since i was there. mother-in-law noticed the difference right away, but step-father-in-law couldn't put his finger on it... once he did, he INSISTED on talking about it FOREVER. and then some more later. i should be grateful though-- he was less grabby than i remembered.

so, i'm gonna run and catch up with that wagon (literally--RUN!) and make-- gulp-- a goal! i'm going to weigh 145 pounds by november.

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