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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fizzling out

why is there so much stress? why do things keep SUCKING?

the closer we get to christmas-- and we are getting close-- and the longer i stay the same, the more i want to just take a break and come back fresh in january. cause THAT ever works out.

i am TIRED. and COLD. and HUNGRY. things here and there are very bad: a former friend of my husband's who repairs guitars appears to have stolen the base i gave him three years ago. my second letter of recommendation hasn't been received by the grad school i applied to. we have fruit flies, AGAIN. money is stressful, especially when my husband up and decides he needs to fly to his mom's asap (it always comes on so suddenly and he REFUSES to plan for it, swearing he doesn't want to go again until she visits us). the holidays are so hard.

i stay the same, but sadder.


Anonymous said...

awwww I'm sorry you're so stressed. I won't even give you the "don't stress eat" advice because what you don't need right now is Mrs. Knowitall telling you what you already know!

Anonymous said...

A secret about fruit flies. Get a small cup (or however many you need), put some apple cider vinegar in it, put a drop or two of dish soap in it, stir around and leave out. Those little effers will fly in, try to take a drink of that lovely tanginess and then they drown.

Pinksukihana said...

I can solve your fruit fly problem. If you put about 1/2 inch worth of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a small, shallow dish (like a ramakin) on your counter where they hang out most, they will be attracted to the vinegar and die. It works. I promise. One problem solved;). Hang in there. Hope your holidays end up being great;)