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Thursday, December 10, 2009

oh hai

i took yesterday off. from everything. sort of.

i took the day off from work and baked buche de noel with my mom and a girlfriend of hers. they used to bake every wednesday, with two other friends, while their ten million kids (okay, maybe... 10 or 11) ran around playing with tupperware and beating each other up. and every year they made a dozen or so of julia child's gorgeous yule logs with marzipan woodland creatures and spun sugar moss and meringue mushrooms. they haven't made them in something like 20 years. it was a TOTAL TRIP.

i went over my calories (with two glasses of wine) but had a great time and it was totally worth it. my baking starts kind of tonight and goes until next saturday. YIKES.

saturday we have a holiday party, which is scary foodwise and with all the baking... god, i would like to lose 5 or 6 pounds by christmas. i'm overwhelmed.

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