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Monday, December 21, 2009


i feel exactly like i did three years ago.

2006 was flickering out, then, and i was a newlywed which, okay, i don't feel like THAT anymore, and i was thinking about GETTING IT DONE.

(i will admit that my plan then? was to lose 100 pounds in 2007. HA!)

2009 is winding down now, like, for real for real. two weeks, dudes! actually, way less: 10 days. and when 2010 brings an end to the revelry, i'm GETTING IT DONE.

i don't remember what my plan was for 2007. i think, honestly, it might have been "eat less, move more" because i had NOT been limiting myself in ANY way for, oh, a year. (funny story: i gained FIFTY POUNDS in the fifteen months between meeting my husband and getting married. and, yes, i mean 15 months. that's three and a half pound a month, almost a pound a week. in theory. only, i actually gained it in, oh, probably six months.) and i've destroyed my records-- in a fit of anger when they started saying thing like +/-0 every week.

but this is the plan for 2010:
  1. i'm going to join i know there are tons of free sites like it, but i need to pay for it. i considered weight watchers, but decided i'd hate myself. (no offense, if that's your thing, but what is up with POINTS?)
  2. i'm going to buy--and DO-- the 30 day shred. i've seen lots of good things about it and, frankly, any workout that goes by in 20 minutes and kicks my ass without having to, like, go outside sounds good to me. amazon is selling it for about $11.
  3. i'm going to sign up for (and take, natch) a spinning class (EEEEE!) and a kickboxing class through the local community-center-without-a-center. that will be an hour of serious and, again, paid for cardio two nights a week for 10 weeks. i think they'll run february through mid-april, so by the time they're over it should be warm enough to wog and i'll be much fitter. i'll probably also take some yoga or pilates for balance.
  4. in mid-april, i'm going to get my ass back to the track and RUN. maybe i'll even download the real c25k podcasts and stuff.
  5. i'll also hire my brother-- currently working on his personal training internship, the last step before certification-- to train me like a man for 6 or 8 weeks.
this plan culminates just as skimpy-clothing-season kicks off, but i have another goal in mind. my husband's stepsister is getting married in may and a lot of people there won't have seen us since OUR wedding (nearly four years by that point) and the size fourteen dress that could. i want to wear an 8. probably with a short skirt, superhigh heels and, as my grandmother would say, legs right up to my ass. see, i'm not likely to ever have nice arms or abs because of the floppy skin, but my legs always seem to bounce back.

so, my end-goals for 2010 (which will really be in june):
  1. 130-145 pounds
  2. size 8ish
  3. and fit, like, REALLY fit
and that's what i'm precognating right f'ing now. the end.


Allison said...

I am totally with you. 2010 is the year to get it done, for realz. I've always read that you have to make working out a priority, and the best way to do that is to schedule an appointment with yourself.
It always sounded kind of lame to me, but clearly simply working out when I feel like it isn't working. So I think I'm going the appointment route.
And 30-Day Shred? 20 minutes a day, and only $11? I think I'm in for that as well. :)

What a Splurge said...

This is the year for me too. And I'm giving myself as much time as I need to lose 40 pounds. I wish it were off by summer but if not, so long as the scale is headed south and not north, I'll be fine.

I bought the Shred and tried it a few times. I just never got comfortable with working out in the house. I should re-think that during these snowy days!