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Monday, November 09, 2009


it's not parties at my home that cause problems, it's the aftermath. you know: THE LEFTOVERS.

we had five of my husband's friends over on saturday for an exciting arrangement of beer, plus a magical grilled cheese with bacon, onions and apple and black bean quesadillas, two-bite brownies and pumpkin tarts. i will admit that i maybe didn't NEED the four pumpkin tarts (the little dudes were about an inch and a half in diameter) but i was otherwise fairly composed. i nursed a liter of seltzer while everyone munched on chips and dip and drank the first two beers (or five). when i DID have beers, i had one leftover harvest moon (NOM) and one of the lowest abv pale ales that were bought in case our female guests didn't want to drink with the big boys (they totally did-- rock on girls!). i ate just one of each sandwich-- that's about 4x4 for the grilled cheese and 1/2 an 8" tortilla.

i did good. for breakfast (you knew that had to stay over, right? did i mention 6 to 12% abv? times FIVE?) i made scrambled eggs and frozen hash browns. i had a serving of eggs and one hash brown. and then? i'd say it went downhill.

leftover tortilla chips with flax? oooooh, i NEED fiber, i've been ooogey lately.

leftover pumpkin tarts and brownies? best to get them out of the house.

leftover cinnamon sugar pita chips? deadly.

the cinnamon pudding i forgot to ever serve? left me help you with that, honey.

popcorn and reece's pieces at the movies? nom nom nom. (ps-- paranormal activity is SO NOT the "scariest movie... ever.")

1/4 pound of angel hair with butter and cheese? well, okay, that was dinner. and it was whole-wheaty or something.

obvs, i'm up a little today. but i'm cracking down in the hopes that that pretty number i'd seen on wednesday, thursday and friday will come back. i would really like to show it to you. in other news... wtf is my problem?? why can't i make myself workout?? i'm DOING IT today. not this morning, since we slept late, but i will do it when i get home. i swear on the soul of my father, domingo montoya, i will use my mini-stepper tonight and finish 15 minutes alive!*

so, yeah. maybe i'll drag that little sucker into the kitchen and do it while i make risotto for supper. or maybe right after. the outer apartment (non-bed rooms) is immaculate, so i really have no excuse not to work out. or outline my grad school application essay.

*am nerd.


What a Splurge said...

Leftovers after Thanksgiving were always my worst day. I would eat more than I did on the day itself because I was too busy to enjoy it then. Leftovers after any party becomes a little party of its own! That won't derail you if you get back to business right away. (I think that's how the Normal People do it.)

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! Looking forward to following your progress using Beck's Diet Solution. Anyone who quotes Princess Bride must know what they are talking about, right? ;)

becklette said...

WaS: i <3 "Normal People"-- that's totally how i think of it. i recently saw my reflection in the kitchen window, leaning against the counter with a glass of wine and was like, "babe! come look! i look NORMAL!"

FM: alas, i totally dropped beck about, oh 13 months ago? i found it to be bullshit. it was a lot of (well-veiled) "hey, fatty, don't eat because you're sad! CRY because you're sad!" which, okay, that's great if that's your problem and i can see that it COULD work if the dieter didn't feel totally condescended to.