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Monday, November 30, 2009

ate, drank, was merry

over the past few days, i've ordered pizza just because, grazed for three hours while chatting with family, enjoyed second helpings of stuffing with sausage-- and no helpings of turkey and cranberry chutney-- eaten two slices of pie in front of people, ordered fries while my companion had cole slaw, and generally enjoyed the holiday's food offerings.

and i'm back.

i'm not willing to enjoy the present at the expense of the future anymore. so i'm doing a little experiment.

i've suspected for a while that, had i gone off on my ACTUAL own after college, i would have lost the weight. because i would have been in a position to totally control my food environment and not worry about anyone else's schedule. instead i got married. so, for the next few months, sunday-friday, i will pretend i'm not married. i will cook on the weekends for my husband, but i will workout while he eats. my dinner will be a very low-cal meal after my workout (and a larabar at work beforehand).

i hope to wrap this up on march 1 at 140 pounds, in the habit of working out daily (arms, abs and cardio) and able to run for 30 minutes.

so. that's 13 weeks. and it runs right through christmas, new year's and valentine's day. (and right up to my 26th birthday. EEP.) i don't know for official yeat, but according to today's weight, it's 29 pounds. over 2 pounds a week (i will settle for 145 and all the other goals). BUT, let's be honest, after a couple days low on white carbs and salt, i may well be looking at a 5 pound week.

december's goals are:
  1. -12 pounds (by the first january weigh in)
  2. 30 minutes cardio 5 to 7 days a week (video, bike, stepper, walk)
  3. ab work 4-6 days a week

and that's that. thinks i expect to be eating the most of are:

  • bean & veg soups
  • egg whites & low-cal bread
  • fruits
  • veggies
  • salads with low-fat cheese
  • lara bars

i am getting this DONE. this is make-or-break, shit-or-get-off-the-pot, all-or-nothing time. and i choose to make shit and all. er. something less gross.

the next three months-- the traditional months of selflessness and giving-- are all the fuck about me.

(no, i'm not going to skip the MASSIVE baking plans i have. i'm just going to be really brave.)

i'm looking forward to a possible visit to nyc in march (OR, omfg, to ITALY since the same weekend is showing PHENOMENAL rates to rome!), hearing back from grad school around that time, my husband's stepsister's wedding in may (and looking totally HOT so people who haven't seen me since MY wedding will think my husband and i broke up!) and... turning 26 in the body i've always wanted. and a size 8 dress.

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Stephanie said...

It's a hard time of year for weight loss, that's for sure. Keep your eyes on the prize!

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