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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


(omfg, i saw a pretty pretty number, it needs to stick around until tuesday.)

so... who is this person i keep seeing in the mirror?

granted, i've been sick, and that always messes with my perception of myself. but my hair has gone all blah and my boobs are drooping-- yes, my 25 year old boobs!-- and i'm all soft and squishy and... dude, are my pants too big? cause my sweater definitely is.

i'm calling a halt to this whole losing-weight thing in a couple months, but my personal care needs some work. FIRST OF ALL i need to get in shape, hardcore. so as not to be squishy. by the end of this week i'm going to have to actually get up 20 minutes early (20. minutes.) to start on a little workout program. i'm going to start at 12 minutes on the stepper and 15 sit-ups a day and add 1 minute every day and 5 sit-ups every week until the end of the year. only thing is, i gotta start by the end of the week in order to reach nice, round numbers at the end of the year. and next year will be the year of fitness.

another thing, what should i do with this blog when i don't want to be hung up on the almighty SCALE anymore? i've been thinking of taking on a new blog under my real name and stuff. would you guys (if there are any of you left) come with me? please weigh in. (HA!)

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Anonymous said...

I'll follow! I know I'm a newcomer around here but it gives me hope that this weight loss thing can be done!