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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

you know how they say everything can change in an instant?

i feel like that today.

yesterday i was sitting here, felling crummy about not having worked out. annoyed that my sister had opened the christmas dinner evite but not rsvp'd. freaking the fuck out about where i would get a second letter of recommendation for grad school.

today, i am feeling really successful because i worked out last night and... this morning. i've received an email from my sister reaching out to me for the first time in three years. i have an enthusiastic instructor very willing to recommend me.

funny thing? i still weigh exactly 166.0*. i feel a lot lighter.

16 pounds in 42 days is improbable, i know, but i'm shooting. if i don't make 16, i know i'll make 10 and i'll be in damn good shape.

*nearly 40% of my in-range calories yesterday were, ah, celebratory. that is, chocolate and wine. hmmmm... why didn't i lose weight??

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