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Friday, May 21, 2010

and there's that

156.4. i've officially lost 79.6 pounds. think i can manage to *lose* half a pound this weekend??

i could have done better... weight trained at all this week. gotten more than 3 cardio workouts in. not had a mini-binge/pity party last night. but i didn't. and even if i had, losing another 1.4 pounds would not have made david's bridal carry more boleros in store, or their pink clutch match my dress or... any number of things that would have helped me go into this event more confidently.

i am wearing a size 10 sheath dress and it looks pretty good. i will be able to walk and dance in my favorite shoes. i have gum to chew and seltzer to drink. this is gonna be a good party.

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