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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

so far this year

i can't believe i've lost 10 pounds this year. isn't that funny? after 3.5 years (almost) and 77 pounds, i'm absolutely in awe of my 10 pounds in 4 months.

in any case...

the weight i want to lose by The Wedding lingers. last week's easy-peasy 4 pounds in 3.5 weeks is now a kinda tough 3.5 pounds in 2.5 weeks. doable. i just have to, ahem, DO IT.

the weight i want to lose by july and the theoretical vacation we'll take then? oh, wow. 145 is like... it might at well be 115. i've never been that thin. i don't know what i'll look like. i don't know how i'll feel. i might not ever get there.

and 135... well. second verse.

i feel decidedly back in the saddle now. i'm walking regularly and tomorrow i'm got to a spin class at 5:45 AM IN THE MORNING (redundant, i know, it was for effect). i need to work on my strength training, though. and my wogging. eating is... i think... under control.

in other news:
  • tonight my mom and i are seeing a famous author/activist on a book tour. i could pretty much die i'm so excited.
  • husband and i are on a VERY STRICT budget to get ourselves in financial shape before i start grad school, lose some income and incur a shitton more student loans.
  • my husband just got in to grad school for fall 2011. SQUEE. and YIKES.
  • my husband is down 17 pounds in under three weeks and royally pissed it's not more.
the end.


RecoveringActor said...

Hubs needs to be proud that he's LOSING. The numbers are moving in the right direction, and that's all you can ask for. Did he think it was going to be MAGIC I LOST 50 POUNDS IN AN HOUR?

becklette said...

duh. of course he did. he's a GUY.