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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

photo let-down

hm. i promised a -75 pound photo to go with the -50 pound photo from AGES ago, didn't i? and now that i'm down 78 pounds, you all (okay, maybe just sarah) are like wtf, man? where's my photo update??

alas, it is not to be. at least, not right now. see, what had happened was... a few months ago? my camera took a shower. and it was not ideal, but we were able to take some pictures through a slightly darkened viewfinder. and then one day? totally dark. you could point that sucker at a lamp and still only get the vaguest hint of an image. so, we called the target people about our 3 year warrenty and they sent us a ups label and we pretended not to know that the camera had been bathed. but... i don't know how to use ups. so my camera & its fancy shipping label have been sitting on my desk for WEEKS.

i'm GUESSING that my dad will bring his camera to The Wedding, though, so i'll probably get a picture then? and i SWEAR TO GOD i'm sending the camera out. soon. promise.

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