count down to goal

Friday, May 28, 2010

but surely

157.4 today.

stomach still screwy.

car needs a new clutch.

going to florida in september.


nsv: last night i threw out a lane bryant coupon because their clothes don't fit me anymore.


i'm not gonna lie, it took less than an hour after we booked our trip to visit the in-laws before i'd figured out how much weigh i need to lose per week until labor day in order to be 135# when we go there (september 8). that's end game. i need to pick up my exercise a bit, but i think it'll work.

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Anonymous said...

well hello hello miss skinny! I'm glad to see you've booked your vacation and have a plan to get to your goal weight before it. You must feel fab!

how's hubby doing with his loss?