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Thursday, May 13, 2010

putting it out in the universe

look, i weigh myself every day. i do. because... well, it HELPS me. it WORKS FOR ME. and shouldn't we all use whatever tools we have?

i've been *very* consistent with food & exercise. i'm not going over my calorie limits or fat limits. i'm getting my protein and fiber in. we do at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. all the pants i tried on last night while desperately seeking memorial mass-appropriate clothes that fit were too big. my weight is dropping at a rate that, considering 3.5 years, and over 75 pounds lost, is pretty amazing.

this morning i weighed 156.6 pounds.

holymotherofgod. that is THISCLOSE to my -80. to my lowest weight since *before* high school. to another 10% off. and then to out of the 150s, a "healthy" bmi, the weight my doctor wants me at before i get knocked up (oh, about that, btw: 3 years of annual paps with hpv testing, negative margins = cancer free, so 3 years is when i can do the baby thing.), and my FREAKING GOAL.

i cannot fuck it up this weekend.

we have the memorial mass, then the luncheon, then general irish post-funeral drinking with the fam-- including my self-absorbed sibs in from out of town. sunday we have a (college) graduation party to go to. i really, really can't fuck this up. i need to focus on how good it will feel to see 155 next week and, wow, all the awesome that goes with it.

i'm going to focus on water & seltzer. i will drink a liter of each before drinking any alcohol. and i will limit my alcohol to one drink. and i will make the best possible choice in every situation. including forcing my husband to get up early and workout with me both days.

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