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Friday, May 07, 2010

very close

the next several weekends are booked SOLID.

tonight we have belated cinco de mayo with friends. tomorrow we're going for a hike/picnic and i have to call ssil to plan smil's birthday party. sunday, of course, is mothers' day and i don't think we have plans since all FIVE mother-ladies (mom, mil, smil, grandmother & gmil) will receive their presents today. so, that's nice.

next weekend we have a memorial mass for my dad's cousin, followed by lunch and, in the grand irish tradition, getting blitzed with my uncles (my dad's cousin-- brother of the deceased-- and his partner). and/or maybe a rehearsal dinner for ssil... which i feel like we would know about by now, right? then sunday we have a graduation party for a friend of a friend, and i have to bake for it.

the following weekend is, of course, THE WEDDING. ssil's wedding should be fun and i hope the fact that i'll weigh some EIGHTY POUNDS less than i did at my wedding will make it even better and help me let go of some anxiety. hubs will likely be down something like 30 pounds by then, which should really make him more comfortable, too. (he's at -23.5 now. at the three-week mark.)

the weekend after that is... blissfully free? can that be right? with a holiday, too. hot damn!

and the weekend after THAT is a real doozie. june 4th is smil's 50th birthday. and my uncles are coming in to town. and my mil and her family are coming in to town. june 5th is bk's 21st birthday and smil's party, which i'm helping organize. and another friend's 30th birthday party but, seriously, we can't make it! june 6th is my youngest brother's graduation party, which is really for my parents who have had at least one child in high school, continuously, for the past 15 years-- can you imagine?

weekends are so hard. events, parties, stuff like that? really, really hard. especially when they're coming one after another after another. and then i think... i should just let loose and get back on track monday.

but i really can't do that. i'm well on track to make my goal for The Wedding (2.5 pounds to go and 2 weeks!), but weekending could really screw me. not to mention hubs who had one mild cheat day on saturday and *just* got back to where he was saturday morning yesterday!

my mantra for these weekends is going to be: you are so close! because, i AM. i'm almost -80! and right on its tail is my lowest adult weight! then i'm approaching "healthy!" and after that all that's left is GOAL. i'm so very, very close. i can't screw it up now!

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