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Monday, May 10, 2010

made of win

wow. i'm beginning to think... i really *am* as thin as i was in 2003. holy shit. i dug out a few more tops from then this weekend, washed them (okay, my HUSBAND washed them) and am wearing one RIGHT. NOW. black with white horizontal stripes, boatneck, gap, medium. with the denim love of my life ann taylor loft curvy slim leg jeans. ooooh do i wish i'd bought more than one pair. but, of course, i want to be in tens soon. (!!) these jeans are made of win.

you know what's NOT made of win??

my weekend.

oh, it wasn't all *that* bad. okay, i could probably have done without the half a pitcher of margaritas. or the cheese fondue. or the chips & guac. and then there's saturday... and sunday. honestly? i don't even remember what all i ate that i probably shouldn't have. but i can't uneat it now, right?

today is back to normal. eat right. walk with my husband. drink water. lift some weights. rinse & repeat.

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Anonymous said...

can we get some pictures here? Seriously, I need to see this skinny-ness!