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Friday, June 03, 2011

goals & plans

  • pack workday lunches>> all week!
  • eat workday breakfasts at home>> all week!
  • plan weekly dinners>> whoops, we skipped cooking out for a storm that never came; ate steamed chicken & broccoli, white rice and a veg egg roll instead.
  • run 5k#2 >> next week
  • run 2-3 times a week>> eh... will probably squeeze in 2 this week: monday & sunday
  • start swimming lessons>> promise to ask at the gym sunday! swearsies!
  • get a massage>> see above
  • record my p+>> all week! a bridal shower looms tomorrow, though...
plan for the weekend:
  • tonight we have happy hour for a departing colleague of my husband's. i'll opt for a diet soda.
  • planned dinner is fish for him, eggs for me.
  • then we have a community art show! there will be wine and i will drink some.
  • tomorrow is the FARMERS MARKET! my brother/trainer is at the shore, so i'll get my new drivers license then hit the market at open (9) and hang out soaking up the awesome until noon when...
  • ... i'll head to a bridal shower. the hostess is a weight watcher, so i have high hopes. but i'll gorge myself on farm fresh strawberries so sweet and ripe the only part you don't eat is the leaves just. in. case.
  • after the shower i hope to have a quiet evening at home, but may have to do a birthday dinner for smil.
  • sunday i'll hit the gym at 10 for a jog & my swim/massage inquiries.
  • then i'll knock out part 2 of my accounting final.
and then the weekend is over...

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