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Monday, June 27, 2011


so... last week was a little screwy, food-wise. honestly, i often didn't track my evening snacking (which was extensive) and TWICE i grabbed a snack-cake at the grocery store check-out and didn't even look it up, let alone track it. i also ate it alone in my car, which is a whole 'nother ball of wax. and the only workouts i did were my runs and one half hour on the bike.

plus last night we went to our favorite local byo for the multi-course chef's tasting ("multi" in this instance meaning 8: amuse-bouche, bread, appetizer, cheese plate, mini-entree #1, mini-entree #2, dessert and cookies.) which is not huge, but is amazing and has that roll-me-home quality if you don't arrive physically hungry. anyway, i'm a little puffed from it, too, so i'm up to 152.something.

this weekend we have a birthday party, a wedding, a post-wedding brunch and two cookouts.

this is what must happen this week:
  1. i must eat 29 p+ each day-- no weeklies or activities until the weekend
  2. i must work out every day but wednesday
and... that's it. despite the STUFF this weekend, i'm hoping for a one-forty-something weigh-in for july.

next weekend my husband will be out of town, which i hate.

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