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Friday, June 17, 2011

in the rain

i finally found myself a 5-weeks-to-a-better-5k schedule (here), just over 4 weeks before my next race-- 4w, 1d. so i started at the end of week 1. last night i ran two miles, in a row, outside in my neighborhood, wearing a tank top (and pants, and stuff, but not a tee shirt, too), in the rain.

okay, it only rained lightly for about 10 minutes. but! i kept going, so i get some points for that, right??

i also took a leeeeeeeeeetle peek at the scale because i had been feeling SO THIN. the news was sweet, 148.something (i forget). it will be a rough weekend, though. we host fathers' day every year and this year we're having a taco bar with sangria and spicy brownies. but also. tomorrow we're hanging out with friends who cook and tonight we're going out for japanese & beer to celebrate my grades: an a in accounting and an a- in law. i have a training schedule to stick to, though, and planned workouts to do. and how bad can a taco bar of my own devising be? (bad.)

i want very, very much to keep that 4, so i just will. i can do it, right?

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