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Thursday, June 23, 2011


the last couple of nights have not been awesome. for one thing, we're still working on the leftovers from the father's day taco bar i made and mexican food is my kryptonite-- but there are chips and cheese and cinnamon brownies involved, too. then there's this wretched pms situation. in high school, i thought those "oooooh, my crammmmmps" girls were full of shit. i literally got my period out of the blue with no forewarning, once in the middle of an exam. but now, lately, i am a slave to my cycle. my uterus is running the show here, complete with floaty life-is-perfect-let's-have-a-baby ovulation days and ragey fights & self-hatred for 4-5 days before my period. and wtf is up with a 29 day cycle?? that's new. and not in a cool way.

(thanks to krissie for confirming that pms is realer than it was when i was thinner! i thought i was crazzzzzy!)

anyway. school started back up, so i'm home today, ahem, doing my schoolwork. it's been balls hot here. i mean BALLS HOT. and i am not a warm-weather girl. give me early sunsets and falling leaves and chilly breezes ANY DAY. i knew it would be hot today, so when i got up around 8, i checked the hourly forecast and, yep, 80* by noon. that's TOO HOT for me. so i suited up... and did my scheduled run.

dude, it sucked and i hated it. plus, i was out of the house for 44 minutes traveling 2.78 miles (2.5 at a jog) which was pretty slow. but now it's DOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! this is the first time since SEPTEMBER i've actually gotten a workout in first thing in the morning on my "schoolday" as was originally planned. and it's AWESOME! i love it. i anticipate that i will actually have lost weight in my first year of grad school, despite the charming "grad school 10" i gained. by the end of september, i will be close to or AT my goal of 135. truthfully, though, i'm hoping to drop another 10 before my 5-year fativersary on january 9th, 2012. that's the day i plan to put away my dieter hat forever.

and on that note...

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