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Monday, June 13, 2011

hookers and blow

  • pack workday lunches>> have two days made, a week planned and one day packed!
  • eat workday breakfasts at home>> made quebecoise toast* for the week
  • plan weekly dinners>> planned up to wednesday
  • run 5k#2>> that was a sad, sad failure. i'll look for another on around the end of the month.
  • run 2-3 times a week>> fail, but i'm going to schedule 3 for this week... i'm on summer break!
  • start swimming lessons>> in progress... i don't know if the gym is open during break
  • get a massage>> see above
  • record my p+>> MASSIVE FAIL, but i'll do better this week
i went to a bachelorette party on saturday. it was dinner, piano bar, hotel, brunch. not awful. pretty fun, really. mostly wine and show tunes, not exactly the hookers-and-blow event i'd imagined it. i missed dinner, drank a (planned) bottle of wine and made good coffee and breakfast choices (as nice as the banana/strawberry/nutella crepe looked... i needed protein BAD). the rest of yesterday was kind of a wash, though. we went to see the x-men movie (LOVE) and got pizza. i'm up a bit to 151.6.

oh. on friday? i bought a spin bike on craigslist. didn't get serially killed, but the sucker squeaks a little, so i can't use it when the husband is asleep.

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