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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

missed the mark

155.6. so close. i could have done it. i could have laid off the chocolate chips. or avoided the cake batter. made my new "ice cream OR beer" rule before... today.

155.6. and, ya know what? it's AWESOME. i'm really pleased. i thought for sure that my size 31p (that's 12p) jeans would not fit right out of the dryer today, but they did.

155.6 and i've lost *over* eighty pounds. 20.5 to go!

my husband broke 35 pounds yesterday. it's been 6.5 weeks? i think? "oh, that i were a man," (ten points to the person who gets this) "i would EAT HIS HEART IN THE MARKETPLACE!" i just wish i had a metabolism like that. damn. he looks great. lots of clothes fit again and he's full of energy. he works out every. day. no kidding. he's getting all muscled and stuff, too.

anyway, back to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

so, we've booked our trip in september to visit mil, sfil, sbil & hbil. and goal for that trip is, well, GOAL. conveniently, you know what stretches neatly between now and then (september 8)? the summer. we're going to florida the weekend after labor day. but before THAT, we're hoping desperately to take a little trip somewhere sunny and slow and flowing with booze and saltwater pools. that's scheduled for july 12th. well, not SCHEDULED in the strictest sense. it's planned, but it's going to be a very last-minute deal. we'll book it based on what we can afford a week before when i get a bonus.



for the next six weeks (including this weekend's party double-header!) i need to lose 1.75 pounds a week to hit the top of my range (145) by the imaginary vacation. after that, including the vacation week, i'll need to lose 1.25 pounds a week to meet my final goal by labor day.

goal for next monday: 153.8.

wow. i'm gonna do it.


RecoveringActor said...

I don't count, right? I know the reference, but I don't count, right? best. line. ever.

becklette said...

ummm, no, sorry, you can't count. i'm fairly confident i said it while i hit you.