count down to goal

Monday, May 09, 2011


it is really important to me to lose 20-25 more pounds in about the next four months. that's because i will be graduating from BNGS in about 13 months and planning to start a family within 6 months after that. before i do that, i want to have an arm lift and i want to maintain my weight for a year first.

but i can't seem to do it. i don't know why. i follow ww perfectly-- better than i ever have any other plan. i'm working out hard and often. i feel good about my eating and my exercising.

i weigh 155.6 again today. exactly the same as my first weigh in on ww.

so it's a scale break for me. not stepping on until next monday. after that, it may be a good long while. i'm going to focus on eating well and running. i'm going to take swimming lessons, too. i don't know what else to do, really. i just want to feel like i'm at the right place.

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