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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


so far this week, i've done... not bad. school is winding down for the term (yay for a 10-day break!) which means lots of work. i didn't cook lunches until yesterday, and i half-assed it, AND i still haven't cooked breakfasts. BUTBUTBUT. i'm still packing/eating from home. no bought breakfast or lunch. dinners have been haphazard and workouts will be: an abbreviated walk on monday, a jog today, a jog tomorrow, a walk friday and lifting saturday. not bad.

i'm not sure what i'm doing with my monthly weigh-ins... do i post on the first? the first monday? gah. i've confused myself. i'd love to post a 2011 low on my sidebar in june, so maybe i'll just play it by ear. OH! but i can only weigh myself on sundays and mondays, so the 6th it is!

so, for now, just plugging along.

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