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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

may-- week 1

i've made breakfast the past three days and will make tomorrow's & friday's tomorrow.

i've packed lunch the past three days and will eat at home tomorrow and make extra to pack friday.

i weight trained yesterday, have spinning today, will run tomorrow, hope to spin friday, weight training saturday and running sunday. (my ww week runs m-s.) that's six workouts! HOLLA!

omg, yes, i know, register for the 5ks. will do. today. promise.

3 days of p+ tracking (i pretrack) down! no special events this weekend.


can we have a talk about arm lifts? maybe this weekend i'll post a nice muscle shot and we can vote on whether my batwings will ever go away or if i should start saving my pennies to buy some surgeon a boat.

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